Black Diamonds - Destiny Diamonds

About Black Diamonds

Diamonds have been around for ages from the most commonly known colorless and white Diamonds to the rarest among the entire family “The Natural Black Diamond.”

Antiquity, myth and mystery linger around this stone. In ancient Italy, a Black Diamond was regarded as the stone of reconciliation and a touch from this gem is said to fix all misunderstandings between warring couples.

Yet behind all the myths and folklores, Black Diamonds are actually found in most diamond mines and like any diamond that comes up from the ground the youngest it can be is at least a million years old. A real Black Diamond absorbs light and does not have “sparkle” - its brilliance comes from reflected light and its color from intrinsic flaws.

“Natural Black Diamonds” however, like any coloured stone may not require further treatment to enhance their color, this is why they are rare and command a much higher price.

There are several world famous Black Diamonds and one of them is “The Black Star of Africa” at 202 carats and worth 1.2 million dollars. This stone is regarded to be the largest colored-diamond in the world.

A recent wave of popularity due to its unusual beauty has brought the “Black diamonds” back into the jewellery and fashion scene with the media playing a big role in its re-introduction. Carmen Electra’s black diamond engagement ring recently made the news and sparked newfound interest for this unique stone.  With its current media exposure, black diamonds are enjoying a celebrity status of their own.

The grandeur of a diamond added to the dignity of black, produces an unparalleled effect and the beauty it radiates is quite irresistible. It’s no wonder that this intriguing stone has garnered much attention and demand as well as capturing the fascination of everyone.